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Extend SimpleImage with free plug-ins like WMV and Perian.

Little App, Big Features


View all the most common kinds of images & movies in a single app and display them in slideshows.


Catalogue your images & movies with browsers and restore windows just the way you left them with snapshots.


Retrieve files easily with searchable thumbnails of as many as the last 1,000 items you've viewed.


Correct your images by applying sophisticated, non-destructive adjustments and effects to them.


Print images with automatic cropping and selection tools tailored to match common photo paper sizes.


Export in a variety of formats and preview image compression options when preparing images for the Web.

What's New

New in version 6.0.9

  • Improved formatting of dates and numbers in image metadata
  • Fixed a bug introduced in an earlier version that prevented search by width, height, or file size from working correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused browsers to stop generating thumbnails after encountering certain kinds of metadata in movie files
  • Quick Look now shows movie durations more reliably for most movie types SimpleImage no longer attempts to display durations for WMV thumbnails, since calculating durations for these files can take a significant amount of time

New in version 6.0.8

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the slideshow controls to stop responding
  • Slideshow soundtracks now stop immediately when a slideshow ends
  • Items dragged between browsers now show their availability correctly
  • Movie times now update correctly when toggling the 'Play Selection Only' option

New in version 6.0.7

  • New look for movie thumbnails A clean new look, with the movie's length displayed right on the thumbnail
  • Better display of labels and ratings Labels and ratings are now shown for Quick Look and Lightbox items
  • New ‘Tracks’ toolbar item Choose alternate audio and subtitle tracks for movies right from the window's toolbar
  • Streamlined toolbars With a new combined rotation and flip button
  • Movie controls are now a bit more compact
  • You can now toggle the direction of the rotate and flip toolbar buttons by pressing the Option key
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Set Notes item in browsers' contextual menus from working correctly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some toolbar items from working correctly when the toolbar was in text-only mode
  • Fixed thumbnails of rotated or flipped slideshow items not displaying correctly

New in version 6.0.6

  • SimpleImage now supports subtitles and alternate audio tracks
  • Improved movie chapter support With a new popover that lets you see thumbnails of each chapter
  • Improved CPU usage when idle
  • App Nap is now correctly disabled during long-running tasks in OS X Mavericks

New in version 6.0.5

  • Support for OS X Mavericks
  • New look for Lightbox Including a new search field that lets you quickly filter open windows by name
  • Copying a movie selection now also copies the movie's file name
  • Fixed movie exports failing when the display was asleep
  • Fixed thumbnails not appearing in Lightbox during a slideshow
  • Fixed movie thumbnails not drawing correctly in Quick Look

New in version 6.0.4

  • New look for Quick Look Quick Look (formerly Quick Peek) has been completely redesigned and can now be controlled using the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Apple Remote support for Quick Look Open and navigate Quick Look by pressing the menu key on your Apple Remote, even during slideshows
  • Better movie and audio file info SimpleImage now shows more movie info, including composer, release and purchase dates
  • New look for selected thumbnail items and movie control overlays
  • Fixed the Inspector and other tool windows not reopening at launch
  • Fixed slideshow windows appearing in Lightbox
  • Fixed slideshow controls not preserving their position correctly
  • Fixed soundtrack music files showing file names instead of song titles and artists

New in version 6.0.3

  • Slideshow history A new pop up menu in the Start Slideshow panel gives you quick access to previously used folders
  • Fixed a bug that prevented grayscale images from being converted to certain formats
  • Deselecting the 'Show count on Dock icon' option now works correctly

New in version 6.0.2

  • Improved slideshow service SimpleImage now displays the Start Slideshow panel to let you set additional options when the 'Slideshow with SimpleImage' service is used with folders
  • Improved random slideshow transitions Random transitions are now less random, making them seem more random
  • Improved file relinking SimpleImage is now more responsive when relinking browser and recent items, particularly on shared volumes
  • The left and right arrow keys now wrap in thumbnail views
  • The 'Preserve transparency' option is now shown only when it's applicable
  • Fixed slideshow images not displaying correctly on certain Macs
  • Fixed transformed slideshow items not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue that left some browser items without thumbnails after changing the browser's sorting

New in version 6.0.1

  • Display browser items in the same folder Control-click or right-click a browser item and choose “Display Items in ‘Parent Folder’” to quickly see just the other items in that folder
  • Parent folder searches A new option in the Find in Browser panel lets you search by parent folder
  • Improved window restoration Full-screen windows now restore correctly and browsers now retain their selection, scroll position and search results

New in version 6.0

  • Retina support
  • Native full screen
  • Full-screen browsers
  • Resizable full-screen images
  • 64-bit support
  • Non-modal slideshow
  • New slideshow transitions
  • Streamlined slideshow controls
  • Autohiding scroll bars
  • Better snap-to sizing of images
  • Simplified movie export
  • Redesigned movie controls
  • Notification center support
  • Rule of thirds image selections
  • Native window restoration
  • New label & rating bezel
  • And more!

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